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                                                                            FAQ about Calverton carboot sale


  • Q. What time does it start?    

  • A. We recommend setting up between 7 & 9am...but earlier or late is also fine!! *top tip*-if the weather is predicted to be good,early setup is recommended!! There is no set closing time but the carboot usually winds down around 1 - 2pm.
    Buyers can get there as early as they like!!!.... usual times are also around the times of 7& 9am.

  • Bank holiday Mondays run the same times as the Sunday carboot sale. prices are the same too.


  • Q. Do i need to book a pitch or just turn up on the day?    

  • A. There is no need to book,just turn up on the day and pay on the gate


  • Q. How much is a pitch?

  • A. SUNDAYS -Cars are £9.50 and vans or cars with trailers are £12. Traders £15


  • Q. How much space can i have for my pitch??  

  • A. you can take as much space as you need


  • Q. How much is entrance fee for the public?

  • A.Sundays are -- Adults are £1 each, OAP 50p each, under 16's are FREE !!


  • Q. Where abouts is the carboot?  

  • A. We are just outside of Calverton Village. Type NG14 6PE for satnav directions...Then follow the florescent carboot signs!!


  • Q. Do i need to bring my own table?

  • A. Yes. We recommend paste tables (or any collapsable table) rails,groundsheets or even bed sheets to display your goods on.


  • Q. The weather is looking drizzly...will the carboot sale be on??

  • A. Calvertons Sunday Carboot sale is an ALL YEAR ROUND weekly event. (Thursdays run through the summer starting back in 2018. We will always try and keep open no matter the weather wherever possible!!.... If you are still unsure please contact us on 07802 908183.


  • Q. We have never done a carboot before...what are your top tips?

  • A. apart from all of the above.... bring plenty of change, carrier bags & maybe a waterproof sheet to cover your items incase of surprise showers. Have a rough idea of the prices you want for your items...better still,label your items with prices.Also bring a tin or waist money pouch to keep your takings safe.
    ALSO Sometimes whilst trying to setup your stall first thing you may be approached by dealers/buyers who are interested in buying your goods early on. This can sometimes be a busy but great start to your carbooting where you make plenty of profit BUT if you do find this overwhelming please either be straight with the buyers telling them to come back when you are ready & set up or use our top tip of ...
    ***pulling your car up into its pitch,lock the car up and go for a cup of tea and wait for them to move on***


We think we have just about covered everything in this Q & A section!! for any further enquires please inbox us or call-- 07802 908183 or contact us via our facebook page.

                                                                                     We hope to see you soon!!!